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Why Choose Invisalign Treatment?

  • Should straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably
  • In-person consultation
  • Flexible payment options

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How Invisalign Works

3 Steps to a Straighter Smile

First Consultation

We will begin by examining your smile to determine if Invisalign is right for you. Next, we will use a digital scanner to create a 3D image of your smile and what it could like like with the Invisalign treatment.

Custom Treatment Plan

Based on the decisions made in your first appointment, we will map out an Invisalign treatment plan with timelines. Your plan should include the movement of your teeth that will occur with each set of aligners.

Begin Your Treatment

We will produce a series of custom Invisalign clear aligners just for you. You will wear them each day, removing them to eat, drink, brush and floss. As your treatment progresses, your aligners will gradually begin to shift your teeth.


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Clear Aligners - Overbite

Clear Aligners - Underbite

Clear Aligners - Crossbite

Clear Aligners - Gap Teeth

Clear Aligners - Open Bite

Clear Aligners - Crooked Teeth

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