CEREC Restorations

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At our Langley dental practice, we specialize in CEREC dentistry; including CEREC veneers and CEREC crowns.

What are CEREC Restorations?

CEREC restorations are a popular option for dental crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays that are made by a CEREC machine. The beauty of a CEREC restoration is that it can often be completed immediately during your visit.

After your dentist prepares your tooth for the restoration, the tooth is scanned by an electronic camera that allows the dentist to see the image on a video screen. This image is then used by the CEREC machine to design your restoration.

The computer then sends the design information to a milling chamber, where the CEREC restoration is crafted from a solid ceramic block.

Cerec Cosmetic Restorations, Langley Dentist

There are 3 main benefits with CEREC restorations.

1 - Aesthetics

CEREC restorations are made from ceramic, which is a natural substance particularly compatible with the body. Because they contain no metal, as traditional PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns do, CEREC restorations have beautiful translucency and colour, as similar as you can get to your natural teeth. You will feel good about how your teeth look with a CEREC crown, filling or CEREC veneers.

2 - Durability

CEREC restorations are very durable. For instance, they stand up well to the daily grinding of food against your teeth. They are not affected by temperature, and the ceramic is so smooth that bacteria do not stand a chance!

3 - Convenience

With CEREC, your whole restoration can be prepared and cemented at a single appointment. Our patients don't have to be frozen twice, and do not experience any of the discomfort often associated with temporary restorations. The procedure, including milling time, takes just about an hour and a half, from start to finish.

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