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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays store data digitally. The data can be pulled up easily at the chair during your dental appointment, giving both you and your dentist an idea of your oral health.

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What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital X-Rays store data in a digital format and can be pulled up on the chair during your dental appointment.

Digital X-rays give an accurate picture of your mouth. They let us enlarge specific areas, and can help the dentist understand your oral health needs. With digital X-rays, we may detect problems earlier, which can help prevent issues from getting worse.

Are Digital X-rays Safe?

All X-rays produce some radiation. In digital X-rays, however, these levels should be completely safe. Our team will try and take every precaution necessary to ensure you feel at ease during your x-ray.

How Frequently Do You Need An X-ray?

We'll let you know if you require an X-ray during your next appointment. We will use the results to determine your customized treatment plans going forward and make sure that it's on track.

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