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Space Maintainers

At Willowbrook Dental Clinic, we recommend space maintainers to help maintain the space left in children's mouths when their baby teeth fall out a little too early.

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What Do Space Maintainers Do?

Space maintainers are small dental appliances that hold the space left behind when children's baby teeth fall out early.

This is done so that the growing adult teeth have the necessary space and guidance to grow into the correct positions.

What Types Of Space Maintainers Are There?

Space maintainers come in a several shapes and sizes. They can be made from metal, acrylic, or a combination of both, but the most common space maintainer design is a simple metallic band with a wire attached. They can also be fixed or removable.

How Can I Tell If My Child Needs A Space Maintainer?

During your child's regular dental appointment, our dental team will advise you on your options, and let you know if a space maintainer is recommended based on your child's needs.

Willowbrook Dental Clinic, Children's Space Maintainers in Langley
Willowbrook Dental Clinic, Children's dental health in Langley

How is a Space Maintainer Inserted?

Two appointments are necessary for inserting a fixed space maintainer in your child's mouth.

During the first appointment, we will take impressions of your child's teeth, These will be used to create a custom space maintainer for your child's  mouth. 

The next appointment is so that we can fit, and in some cases, adjust, the space maintainer to fit comfortably.

How Will I Know When the Space Maintainer Needs to Be Removed?

Space maintainers need to be removed at exactly the right time, so they won't interfere with the arrival of the permanent teeth. This means it is very important that you bring your child in for regular check-ups during the treatment process, so we can check the status of the space maintainer.

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