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Meet Dr. Pavliouk

Dr. Elena Pavliouk, a dentist at Willowbrook Dental Clinic in Langley, works with medically compromised patients.

Dr. Pavliouk, Langley Dentist

Dr. Elena Pavliouk
General Dentist

DMD, University of British Columbia

Other Credentials

Oral Surgery, Vancouver General Hospital and Cancer Agency


Dr. Elena Pavliouk (Dr. Elena as we all call her) was born in the Ukraine where she practiced as a Registered Dentist for 3 years until her move to Canada. She was an undergrad at UBC and a graduate from UBC in Dentistry in 2006.

Dr. Elena also did a residency to advance her skills in Oral Surgery at Vancouver General Hospital and Cancer Agency where she had opportunities to work with top specialists in the field and be challenged with advanced medically compromised patients and their treatment.  Dr. Elena also had her own practice for over 7 years on the North Shore until joining us here, at Willowbrook Dental Clinic.

Dr. Elena’s area of interest are Esthetic Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Perfecting Smiles!

She has two daughters and enjoys yoga and skiing. She also loves to socialize.

“I love to connect with my patients and form long lasting relationships”.

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