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Dental Sedation For Patients with Special Needs

Dental Sedation For Patients with Special Needs

It’s of paramount importance to us that each of our patients receives the care he or she needs, safely and comfortably, and for patients with special needs, that can sometimes mean sedation plays a role in their dental treatment plans.

At Willowbrook Dental Clinic, our Langley dentists are dedicated to providing personalized, quality dental care to every patient. This means that we adapt the way we provide that care based on individual needs, and this applies to our patients with special needs as well.

The comfort and safety of our patients with special needs are our top priorities when they are undergoing treatment. We offer various anesthesia and sedation options at our dental office.

How can sedation help?

For a wide variety of medical, mental, physical or psychological reasons, dental treatment can sometimes be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for our patients with special needs.

Sedation or anesthesia options allow many patients to undergo dental treatment they need, that they may otherwise not be able to tolerate.

We most commonly use dental sedation for patients with special needs for the following reasons:

  • Lack of cooperation
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Multiple morbidities (co-occurring diseases)
  • Pediatric autism

How does the sedation process work?

To make sure that each patient is cared for in a manner that works for his or her personality and needs, we first make it a point to get to know them on an individual level, and find out what they want and need to get out of their dental treatment. Depending on a given patient's need and age, we may also discuss treatment options with a responsible family member or guardian.

Patients with severe impairments or multiple medical problems will be evaluated by an anesthesiologist prior to undergoing any treatment with anesthesia.

Whatever type of sedation is ultimately selected, the patient will be closely monitored throughout the procedure by an appropriate medical professional.

All patients undergoing sedation dentistry of any kind at our practice must be driven to and from the appointment by a friend, family member or guardian, as most types of sedation take some time to wear off.

If you think that sedation dentistry might help you or a loved one undergo necessary dental care, please contact our Langley dental office.

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