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How can I tell if I have a cavity?

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How can I tell if I have a cavity?

While only your dentist can tell you for sure if you have a dental cavity or tooth decay, there are a few common signs and symptoms which you may to notice. 

What is a cavity?

Cavities (dental caries) are small holes in a tooth that can be caused by consuming sugary drinks, snacking on sweet foods, poor oral hygiene or even bacteria in your mouth.

What are the signs that you may have a cavity?

When a cavity is first beginning to form you probably won't know because in the earliest stages there aren't any noticeable symptoms.

Visiting your dentist for regular dental checkups and cleanings is key to protecting your teeth against cavities. Your dentist will be able to spot tooth decay early, and treat it before large cavities develop and painful symptoms begin.

Even when your teeth feel perfectly ok, cavities may be gradually forming in your mouth.

As cavities begin to get larger and deeper you will likely develop some of the following symptoms:

  • Unusual tooth sensitivity
  • Staining on the surface of your tooth
  • Sudden toothache or pain without any apparent cause
  • Sharp pain when biting down on foods
  • Sharp pain when eating or drinking anything hot, cold or sweet 
  • Holes or small pits visible in your teeth

How to Prevent Cavities

To help prevent cavities from developing, brush thoroughly twice a day for two minutes each time, floss your teeth every day, and visit to your dentist for cleanings and checkups at least every 6 months. 

Contact your dentist immediately to book an appointment if you have any of the signs or symptoms listed above. Our Langley dentist can help you to prevent cavities, as well as treat any existing cavities you may have.

If you have questions about how to treat and prevent cavities, contact our Langley dental office today.

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