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Common Brushing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Brushing Mistakes to Avoid

For a cleaner-than-ever smile, take your oral hygiene routine to the next level! Here are three common mistakes to avoid making when brushing your teeth.

Wrong Toothbrush

Your toothbrush, whether manual or electric, should be comfortable to use and easily reach all the areas of your mouth.

Small Brush Head

It's generally recommended that you choose a toothbrush with a smaller brush head. The small head allows you to more easily clean those hard to reach places tucked at the very back of your mouth, and behind your front teeth.

Soft Bristles

For most people a soft bristled toothbrush is ideal. If you suffer from particularly sensitive teeth and/or signs of enamel erosion, your dentist may recommend that you try using a toothbrush with extra-soft bristles .

Comfortable Handle

When deciding on a new toothbrush, look for a handle that fits nicely in your hand. A comfortable handle allows for better maneuverability. If your toothbrush handle is too long or bulky it will prevent you from brushing as thoroughly as you could.

Brushing Too Hard

Try thinking of brushing as massaging your teeth and gums, and avoid brushing too hard.

Vigorous scrubbing can be harmful and is completely unnecessary. Plaque is relatively soft, loose and easy to remove, so brush gently and be kind to your teeth and gums.

Brushing harder doesn't mean that you're brushing better! 

Not Brushing for Long Enough

It may seem like a long time but to thoroughly clean your teeth you should continue brushing for a full two minutes twice a day!  

There are a number of electric toothbrushes now available with built-in timers. The timer will let you know when you have completed your two minutes of brushing. Of course, you could try using your watch or phone to time yourself until you become accustomed to brushing for the correct amount of time.

For the ultimate at-home clean, brush the backs and fronts of the teeth in each quadrant of your mouth for a full thirty seconds, then floss.

Your smile will thank you!

If you'd like more tips on caring for your oral health, contact us to book an appointment with our Langley dentist today!

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