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Are my teeth healthy enough for whitening?

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Are my teeth healthy enough for whitening?

Are you hoping that teeth whitening will help you reveal a brighter smile? Your Langley dentist will need to examine your teeth to find out whether you are healthy enough for this cosmetic procedure before you pick up your teeth whitening kit.

If you are wanting to enhance the appearance of your teeth, whitening may be an option for you — if your teeth are healthy enough for this treatment. Many patients ask us how they can achieve a whiter, brighter grin so they can smile more confidently. However, there are some facts you should know before using your first whitening strip. 

Your dental team in Langley will need to check your smile to confirm that your teeth are healthy enough for whitening treatment. In this post, we'll list the criteria we use for deciding whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening. 

Is teeth whitening an option for me? 

If you are considering whitening your teeth, you'll first need to schedule a consultation with your Langley dentist, who will check your teeth for any signs of weakened or thinning enamel, or tooth decay that may impact the results of a whitening treatment. We might also recommend against bleaching in favour of other methods such as porcelain veneers if you have gum disease or highly sensitive teeth. 

People with healthy teeth (that have not had any restorations or fillings) and gums but whose teeth are a yellowish shade are the best candidates for teeth whitening. 

What should I expect from teeth whitening treatment?

Bleaching is one effective, safe way to whiten teeth. That said, keep in mind that some patients may experience slight irritation of their gums or sensitive teeth, which should disappear once treatment ends. 

As for the results you might realistically expect, dental teeth bleaching can only offer a shift in colour from gray to a lighter shade of gray, for example. Remember that each patient will end up with varying results. Visible restorations such as a crown or bridge will not respond to teeth whitening. These will remain the same colour as they were previously. 

After you've used one of our take-home kits to bleach your teeth, you'll usually have at least one vial of bleaching gel remaining from your first round of treatment. You may want to keep this to "touch up" your smile. You can also keep purchasing vials filled with whitening gel as needed to use with your custom mouthguard. 

Preserve Your Smile With Consistent Oral Hygiene 

Our dentists always recommend visiting your dentist for a checkup and cleaning typically once every six months, regardless of how healthy your teeth are. The frequency of your visits depend on your at-home oral hygiene routine and the general condition of your teeth and gums. Pairing a rigorous at-home oral care routine with regularly scheduled dental visits is the best way to prevent oral health issues — and keep your smile white. 

Would you like to learn more about your options for teeth whitening? Contact our team of dental professionals at Willowbrook Dental Clinic to schedule a consultation. 

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